Modular ConstructionTM

The introduction of repetition and simplicity into SFR and multi-family projects:
when construction projects utilize off-site manufacturing, projects
are completed faster, less expensive and with environmental sensitivity.

Starbrook Modular is disrupting the construction industry through innovative processes and advancements in off-site manufacturing.

The results are projects completed with environmental sensitivity, at a higher level of quality, in significantly less time, and therefore, typically resulting in overall cost savings.

Project design/development.
Volumetric modular construction.

Off-site feasibility consulting.
Contract manufacturing.

Contract Manufacturing

Starbrook builds products designed by other companies
to accommodate US sales and distribution.

The Team

Brad Oldenbrook


James Crof


Jeff Williams


David Lester

Director of Development


Director of Business Development

Chris Yount
Len Ventrone
Kaya Stanley
Dave Gardner