Starbrook Modular works with Developers and Builders to complete their projects more efficiently, at a higher level of quality, with less waste, and more cost effectively than traditional site built construction.


Multi-family, Student Housing, Affordable Housing, Worker Housing and Urban Infill

Starbrook is a wholesale to developer solution for modular and wall panel projects. We can utilize your design for your project or take advantage of our pre-designed, pre-engineerd, Component Construction ™ program. Utilizing the Component Construction ™ program saves the Developer time and money.

Off-Site Solutions Are The Answer To Today’s Affordable Housing Problem

Every metropolitan city in the United States has a shortage of affordable housing. High cost of land, shortage of a skilled workforce, and slow or high cost of permits and fees have created a national crisis.

Prefabricated wall panels and Modular construction provide the best solution to build high quality, affordable housing 30% – 50% faster and more cost effective than traditional site-built projects. Off-site solutions provide hope in a time of crisis to address our nation’s housing crisis.