We at Starbrook Modular offer detailed Consulting services to Developers and Builders of any project to help convert their projects to Modular. This service includes cost and schedule analysis to ensure projects are best served to be built in a Modular method rather than site built.


i. Understanding Modular – The first step in exploring completing your project in a modular fashion is understanding the differences between modular and site built. What are the differences between the two processes? What areas of value exist by completing your project in modular? We provide a basic comparison to help you understand the key differences and benefits between the two methods.

ii. Project Review – The next step is an in-depth review of your project from a modular perspective. Can your current plans be utilized to build in modular? Is your site appropriate for modular? Can the necessary equipment access the site? We identify areas that need to be addressed to insure a successful modular project.

iii. Project Budget and Delivery – We will provide project cost estimates and budget, production timeline and schedule, and identify areas of responsibility. The report will provide a road map to guide the completion of your project.

iv. Process Review – a complete overview of the steps necessary to build your project in modular.

v. Project Management – Finally, we will manage your project. We will coordinate between all necessary parties (General Contractor, Production Facility, Site Crews, etc) to ensure a smooth and on time, on budget completion of your project.