Starbrook Residential Component

Starbrook modular partners with Single family home Developers and Builders to complete their projects in an efficient and timely manner. We can work with your designs or you can choose from our library of designs to create a “Just-In-Time Home Buying Process” fulfillment program that assures that you are only building what has actually been sold.

Just-In-Time Home Buying Process

Starbrook Modular has the ability to manufacture homes quickly and efficiently. We can fulfill home orders as homes are sold instead of builders having to pre-build homes or require buyers to wait 6-9 months for homes to be built. This can eliminate the need for project phasing and overcomes buyer objections to purchase, therefore increases sales. Starbrook can even inventory homes depending on a project’s anticipated sales velocity.

Multiple exterior options with the same floor plan

Transitional designs embrace the best of classic architecture, updated with contemporary details.